About Assurance

Assurance helps businesses free up their time from complex financial and operational problems so that they can focus on what they do best.

A peace of mind at every step

All In For Your Business Success.

Businesses and organisations have ambitious goals that need to be accomplished.

Besides juggling risk and reward daily, treading difficult terrain fraught with uncertainty, ambiguity and danger, businesses are flooded with essential (but time-consuming) tasks that push them further and further away from realising those goals.

Assurance Partners, a chartered accounting and professional service firm, alleviate businesses from the full brunt of business operations, finances and compliance so that they can focus on their core value activities and grow – through a suite of comprehensive audit & assurance, tax, legal, risk and financial advisory and consulting services.

Offload Your Non-Core Business To Assurance - And Scale.

Whether you’re a small business startup or a multinational corporation, Assurance can help you minimise daily distractions of financial and employee issues, and scale your success further.



Streamline your financial operations with Assurance’s suite of services.



Outsource non-core but essential business operations to Assurance.



Improve the overall performance of your company with 360° support.

advice you can count on

Always Updated. Always On Trend. Always On Point.

Your business deserves a trusted partner who can keep you on the pulse of the everchanging business landscape.

A member of PrimeGlobal Word’s 5th largest association of Independent Accounting Firms, Assurance Partners gives you access to firsthand information about changing trends, new opportunities and the status of regulations in the worldwide marketplace – giving you clarity in unclear terrain.

Our network

Diverse Capabilities, Immense Talent. Your Assurance Network Of Partners

Assurance Partners, our National Network of Partners and Associated Firms are deeply dedicated to helping you reach the pinnacle of business success, blending expertise and experience; hindsight and foresight to meet your business demands, so you operate at maximum efficiency and profitability.

We’re people-driven, purpose-led consultants grounded by the necessary fundamentals in business and technical skills that your business demands to grow.

Customised, Personalised & Integrated Solutions From Multiple Perspectives

Offering several business disciplines and technical repertoire, Assurance works with you to free up several non-business-driver (but mission-critical) activities, so you can focus your efforts on pushing the needle.

Audit & Assurance

Uncover insights, irregularities and more with Assurance's Audit & Assurance services.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Keep your books in order, and your business operations effective.

Corporate Tax Advisory

Comply with tax laws while ensuring that your tax contributions are just right.

Corporate Secretarial

Set up your business and/or family offices the right way in Singapore.

Due Diligence & M&A

Base your investments and/or M&A efforts on in-depth analysis that you can trust.

Business Recovery

Get critical insights & recommendations across the entire business lifecycle.

BPO & Human Resources

Focus on your core business, and outsource everything else to Assurance.

Liquidation Services

Avoid hassle and stress in the liquidation process with Assurance.


About Assurance

Assurance Partners LLP’s Group of Companies is a chartered accounting and professional service firm formed in 2008, as a result of the conversion and restructuring of the original firm.

We provide our clients with the freedom to focus fully on what they do best, by offering our expert assistance in operating their businesses efficiently and effectively through accounting, financial control and compliance services.

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