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Work with Assurance’s experienced Corporate Secretarial experts to get your business or family office and trusts up and running, then keep it in check with Singapore’s rules and regulations.

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We Give You Assurance.

Corporate Secretarial services are just the beginning of what we do at Assurance.

As your business partner, we uncover new insights and opportunities that you can leverage on to go further, while taking care of the basic essentials that keep your business going.

Comprehensive Corporate Secretarial Services At Your Disposal

Setting up a business in Singapore might be easy and efficient, but keeping it in check is a completely different animal altogether. Combining deep local expertise, and strong network connections across APAC’s regulatory and governmental context, Assurance brings a peace of mind to your business every step of the way.

Set Up The Right Way

Set up your businesses, family trusts and offices the expert-led way.

Adhere To Regulations

Stay compliant with business and regulatory laws in Singapore & APAC.

Liquidate With Ease

Close your business for strike off with trusted expertise, and less stress.

Clear, Concise Approach

Every business has different expectations to meet. Assurance tailors our approach to your company according to your specific needs, so you get maximum benefit.

Credible & Trusted

Assurance Corporate consultants have years of experience in the field, and have credible knowledge in the field of business to help you set up critical infrastructure.

Service You Can Count On

Entity set up and maintenance across its lifecycle can be complicated and tough to keep up. Count on Assurance’s expertise and service to keep things in check.

Corporate Secretarial Services Across The Spectrum

No matter the type, size or complexity of your project, Assurance provides expert-driven Corporate Secretarial services that can give you complete peace of mind while you focus on your core business.

Incorporation & Business Structure Set Up

Whether you’re a startup, unicorn, private company, multi-national firm or private office looking to establish your roots in Singapore and APAC, Assurance can help you to get started the right way.

Governance & Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Stay compliant with the complex business regulations and laws in Singapore and in APAC with Assurance.

Company Cessation And Business Liquidation

Properly strike off your business without stress and hassle with Assurance.


Drive Forward With Corporate Secretarial Services You Can Trust

A long-standing, premier auditing service firm, Assurance prides itself on being able to tailor the right audit solution to fit your complex and unique business demands.

Blending diverse knowledge from the auditing and financial field with trusted-and-proven Corporate Secretarial methodologies, our services help you to meet your most stringent regulatory and business requirements, lending critical credibility where it matters.


Our Corporate Advisory services leverage years of in-depth knowledge to help our clients across a wide spectrum of business areas, helping you to get off the ground, and focus on your core business drivers.


Leave the confusing and complex world of business set up and maintenance to us, while you drive forward with your business. Assurance experts are here every step of the way to see you through to success.


With Assurance, you get more than just Corporate Secretaries. We're a full-service business consultancy that helps you to do one thing — focus on your business success, while we do the rest. When you work with Assurance, you're getting complete peace of mind.


Speed is everything in a fast and rapidly changing world. Our Corporate Secretarial services uncover crucial insights and recommendations that help you see blind spots and make better business decisions, so you can move forward with confidence.


At Assurance, there’s no cookie-cutter solution. From the start, our Corporate Secretaries clearly define your business objectives, strategies and goals, so you optimise your business operations with the right insights for better efficiency and drivethrough.

Assurance At Every Step Of The Way

From start to end, Assurance’s Corporate Secretaries work with you in a “no-surprises” method – through constant communication, fast service, and proficient work.


Discuss your business strategy and structure with our tax experts.


We’ll come up with a detailed audit checklist based on your needs.


You’ll have full clarity over what’s covered in our audit checklist.


Our findings expose weaknesses and suggest improvements.


Our experts will start our deep analysis to uncover deep insights.

Get Off The Ground Fast, Drive Forward Without Looking Back

From business or family office incorporation, to corporate governance, and business cessation, Assurance gives you complete peace of mind to focus on the important things.

Start Fast, Start Accurately

Work with Assurance's consultants to determine the best business structure for your idea, and properly register your entity the right way with the authorities.

Comply & Adhere For Better Efficiency

Navigate the complex business regulation and statutory requirements landscape, and comply with essential laws with Assurance's governance services.

Close Your Business Without Stress

Effectively and efficiently meet all requirements of closing and liquidating your company, in line with statutory requirements and regulations. Properly close your accounts and more with Assurance.

Advice Across The Full Business Spectrum

Whether you're a one-man show, or a large MNC, Assurance Corporate experts gives you tailored advice and insights to manage your business obligations, in line with your business objectives.

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