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Focus On What Matters. Outsource Everything Else.

Drive your business forward with a relentless focus on your key business drivers, and outsource key functions to Assurance instead, for better business scalability.

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We Give You Assurance.

Your time is better off spent on revenue generation, strategic issues and other higher value activities.

With Assurance’s Business Process Outsourcing services, it’s time to truly focus on what matters, and leave the rest to us for complete peace of mind.

Extensive Outsourcing Options With Assurance

Dedicate your time to your core business drivers, and revenue-generating activities, and focus on growing your business the smarter way with Assurance.

Every Stage Of The Business Lifecycle

No matter which stage of your business lifecycle, Assurance's BPO services can take you further.

Experienced Across Multiple Functions

Assurance combines experience and expertise from different critical business functions.

Deep Insights, Industry & Focus

With dedicated industry focus on expert-driven help, Assurance helps you to grow higher, faster.

Comprehensive Services

Every company, no matter big or small, require support across critical functions. Assurance’s comprehensive services serve these functions so you save time and money in the process.

Credible & Trusted

Assurance’s professionals bring years of experience in the field, and have credible knowledge in the field of different business functions to help you optimise and maintain your business.

Service You Can Count On

Your business needs consistent advice you can depend on. With in-depth help and advice at every step of the way, Assurance’s consultants are always ready to serve.

Complete BPO Services Ready To Start

No matter the type, size or complexity of your project, Assurance provides expert-driven Business Process Outsourcing services across different business functions, so that you free up your time as soon as possible to work on the things that matter.

Finance & Accounting Business Process Outsourcing

As a certified public accounting and audit firm, Assurance brings years of trusted advice and expertise to help you set up and maintain your accounts the right way.

Human Resources Management

Plug critical gaps in your manpower challenges — be they short or long term — with Assurance’s outsourced Human Resources Management services.


Leave No Stones Unturned With BPO Services You Can Trust

A long-standing, premier auditing service firm, Assurance prides itself on being able to tailor the right audit solution to fit your complex and unique business demands.

Blending diverse knowledge from the auditing and financial field with trusted-and-proven expertise across different business domains, Assurance gives you the confidence you need to drive your business forward.


Our BPO services leverage years of in-depth knowledge to help our clients across a wide spectrum business use cases, so that you can truly focus on your business success, instead of worrying about the nitty gritty.


At Assurance, we're dedicated to one thing: your business growth and eventual success. That's why we're dedicated to help you relieve "pressures" from your business — so that you can work "on" your business, not "in" it.


When you work with Assurance BPO, you're working with seasoned experts in their respective fields, who can give you the right advice to take in various business contexts. This translates into clearer decisions, and faster growth to your bottom line.


Speed is everything in a fast and rapidly changing world. Our BPO services uncover crucial insights and recommendations that help you see blind spots and make better business decisions fast, instead of being stuck with analysis paralysis.


At Assurance, there’s no cookie-cutter solution. From the start, our business experts clearly define your business objectives, strategies and goals, so that we can customise our approach in the best way forward to support your success.

Assurance At Every Step Of The Way

From start to end, Assurance’s BPO professionals work with you in a “no-surprises” method – through constant communication, fast service, and proficient work.


Discuss your business strategy and structure with our tax experts.


We’ll come up with a detailed audit checklist based on your needs.


You’ll have full clarity over what’s covered in our audit checklist.


Our findings expose weaknesses and suggest improvements.


Our experts will start our deep analysis to uncover deep insights.

It's Time To Take Time Back Again With Assurance

From ensuring that your financials are in check, to closing the manpower gap in your Human Resources pipeline, Assurance gives you everything you need to gain more time to work on what truly matters.

Outsource With Confidence

With Assurance, you can confidently outsource your business functions to a trusted firm with years of experience and expertise across the business landscape for faster growth.

Work With Experts In Their Field

When you outsource your business processes to Assurance, you're working with business experts who can give you critical recommendations and insights hard to find yourself.

Improve Decision Making & Accountability

With a solid outsourced team behind you, you can navigate through the business landscape with greater confidence and accountability.

Focus On Your Business Success

With Assurance, you no longer have to run as a one-man show, but you can harness the power of a specialised team behind your business success.

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