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Comply With Tax Laws Profitably

Focus on your core business, and leave the complicated corporate tax compliance work to Assurance.

Prepare and submit tax computations quickly and accurately, retain control of your tax compliance issues, risks, opportunities and more.

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WE DO MORE THAN corporate tax advisory

We Give You Assurance.

Corporate tax submissions are just the beginning of what we do at Assurance.

As your business partner, we uncover new insights (tax leakages), non-compliance issues, and more, so that you can confidently focus on your core business and grow.

Unrivalled Tax Expertise At Your Fingertips

All businesses are subject to taxes one way or another. Being able to navigate the different regulations and reliefs helps you to stay compliant with relevant laws, while optimising your business drivers. Assurance brings you depth of know, tax expertise, and business advisory to help you steer through the maze of taxation for better profit and growth.

Leverage The Tax Landscape

Learn about the complex tax landscape, and what you can do to comply and optimise.

Comply With Tax Regulations

Navigate complex financial regulations and audit requirements with precision.

Act On Insights, Not Hunches

Plan your taxes, while exploring tax mitigation opportunities with experts.

Clear, Concise Approach

The way that tax applies to businesses are different. Assurance tailors our approach to your company according to your specific needs, so you get maximum benefit.

Credible & Trusted

Assurance professionals come with years of experience in the field, and have credible knowledge in the field of business to navigate your tax strategy in the most optimal way for your company.

Service You Can Count On

Tax planning and compliance can be a complex maze to walk through. With in-depth help and advice at every step of the way, Assurance tax consultants are always looking out for your best options.

Harness The Full Spectrum Of Tax Advisory

No matter the type, size or complexity of your project, Assurance provides expert-driven Corporate Tax Advisory services that help you to better plan your taxes, while mitigating potential potholes in your business at every step of your business journey.

Tax Compliance & Tax Filing Services

Stay compliant with the ever changing tax landscape in Singapore with comprehensive tax advisory, planning, financial accounting services from Assurance.

Tax Advisory Services

Assurance tax experts assess various critical business points (such as your business structure) to best advise you on your ideal tax solutions for sustainable growth.

GST Planning, Audit & Compliance

Stay compliant with the Singapore Goods & Services Tax (GST) regulations, complying with laws and tax filing the right way with Assurance.


Leave No Stones Unturned With Corporate Tax Advice You Can Trust

A long-standing, premier auditing service firm, Assurance prides itself on being able to tailor the right audit solution to fit your complex and unique business demands.

Blending diverse knowledge from the auditing and financial field with trusted-and-proven Corporate Tax Advisory methodologies, our services help you to meet your most stringent regulatory and business requirements, lending critical credibility where it matters.


Our Corporate Tax services leverage years of in-depth knowledge to help our clients across a wide spectrum of tax areas, blending the best human and technical resources to help you comply with the laws, and optimise your tax setup.


Navigate the confusing and complex world of taxation regulations and laws, and find the optimal path for better tax outcomes. Assurance consultants tailor our approach and recommendations according to your specific needs.


With Assurance, you get more than just tax planners and paper pushers. We're a team of tax experts committed to help your company minimise tax leakages from a 360-degree perspective, while ensuring that you adhere to our tax laws.


Speed is everything in a fast and rapidly changing world. Our Corporate Tax Advisory services uncover crucial insights and recommendations that help you see blind spots and make better tax decisions fast, so you can move forward with confidence.


At Assurance, there’s no cookie-cutter solution. From the start, our tax experts clearly define your business objectives, strategies and goals, so you optimise your tax structure in the best manner for your industry and business with the right insights.

Assurance At Every Step Of The Way

From start to end, Assurance tax professionals work with you in a “no-surprises” method – through constant communication, fast service, and proficient work.


Discuss your business strategy and structure with our tax experts.


We’ll come up with a detailed audit checklist based on your needs.


You’ll have full clarity over what’s covered in our audit checklist.


Our findings expose weaknesses and suggest improvements.


Our experts will start our deep analysis to uncover deep insights.

Meet Tax Obligations, Reduce Tax Liability & Maximise Tax-Saving Opportunities

From computation to filing, to compliance and planning, working with Assurance means you’re working with the best strategists and technical experts in taxes to save money, and keep more resources for growth.

Prepare, Compute & File Taxes The Right Way

File your taxes accurately, with precision, and on time with Assurance's seasoned expertise, in your income tax returns, tax computation, and corporate tax planning.

Apply For Tax Incentives — And Win

If you know where to look, you can find ample opportunities for tax relief and incentives. We are always on the lookout to help you maximise tax rulings and tax incentives.

Handle Complex Objections & Disputes

From tax objections, tax disputes, to attending to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore's (IRAS) questions, Assurance consultants are on your side to steer you through challenges.

Advice Across The Full Tax Spectrum

Whether you're a one-man show, or a large MNC, Assurance tax experts gives you tailored advice and insights to manage your tax obligations, in line with your business objectives.

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