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Stress Free Liquidation With Assurance

Whether you are a director, management, or shareholder, Assurance guides you steadily through the liquidation process, so you minimise stress and hassle throughout the process.

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We Give You Assurance.

Liquidations can be a painful process, if you don’t know how to handle it the right way.

At Assurance, we help give you peace of mind with solid liquidation processes, well-experienced consultants who can give you advice about where to go next.

Liquidation Doesn't Have To Be Painful

Given the amount of time and effort that you’ve already spent trying to make your business work, closing down your company, along with facing mounting debts and liabilities can be extremely stressful. At Assurance, we aim to take the stress out of the process.

Private & Confidential

Every liquidation discussion with us is kept strictly private and confidential.

Methodical Steps

Assurance employs a step-by-step process for liquidation, so as to minimise errors.

Insightful Advice

Assurance experts recommend the best way to liquidate your company.

Clear, Concise Approach

Every company has different liquidation needs. Assurance’s professionals understand your unique situation, then recommends the best way to conduct the liquidation process.

Credible & Trusted

Assurance professionals come with years of experience in the field, and have credible knowledge in the field of liquidation, and other related areas — allowing for an efficient liquidation.

Service You Can Count On

Liquidation can be a painful and messy affair, but it doesn’t have to be. Count on Assurance’s professional liquidators to advise you on your options, and recommend the best way forward.

Full Spectrum Liquidation Services

No matter the type, size or complexity of your project, Assurance provides expert-driven Liquidation services that help you to successfully close down your company, while arranging your affairs the best way possible to minimise stress.


Efficient Liquidation Advice You Can Trust

A long-standing, premier auditing service firm, Assurance prides itself on being able to tailor the right audit solution to fit your complex and unique business demands.

Blending diverse knowledge from the auditing and financial field with trusted-and-proven Liquidation knowledge, our services help you to successfully liquidate your company while minimising stress and hassle.


We conduct every liquidation process with a well-rounded perspective, considering every little factor or option that might be open to our clients. The end result is a smooth liquidation process that minimises friction.


As public accountants, business consultants, and business partners, Assurance is equipped with the relevant business knowledge to take your business further in multiple aspects, making us an indispensable partner in your liquidation process.


When you work with Assurance, you're working with professionals who are dedicated to protecting your interests comprehensively. That means we make sure that we leave no stones unturned in our services.


Speed is everything in a fast and rapidly changing world. Our Liquidation service uncover crucial insights and recommendations that make your liquidation process much smoother, fast, and yet less stressful.


At Assurance, there’s no cookie-cutter solution. From the start, our experts work with you to define the objectives of your liquidation process, then determine the right way to conduct and execute that process.

Assurance At Every Step Of The Way

From start to end, Assurance’s liquidation professionals work with you in a “no-surprises” method – through constant communication, fast service, and proficient work.


Discuss your business strategy and structure with our tax experts.


We’ll come up with a detailed audit checklist based on your needs.


You’ll have full clarity over what’s covered in our audit checklist.


Our findings expose weaknesses and suggest improvements.


Our experts will start our deep analysis to uncover deep insights.

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